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Internet consulting 

Are you concerned about increasing the efficiency of your website?

Proactivity Group will help you to make your website an efficient tool to achieve your marketing and advertising goals. Our specialists have a solid experience in Internet marketing based on years of successful work. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your project and help you in the following areas:

Conducting the comprehensive audit of the website
Our specialists will present a detailed report describing all the weaknesses and strengths of your website, including the efficiency of website structure, relevance of graphics, usability of the website, and traffic analysis. We will reveal everything which prevents your website from reaching its full potential.


Clearly defining the purpose of the project
We will create for you a professional and easy to read technical assignment, which includes the intuitive website structure, web design requirements, and technical requirements.

Elaborating the strategy for website development and promotion
We are ready to conduct the necessary research, to choose the best marketing tools, and to determine the most effective methods of website promotion.